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A last notice: Nega Aura Warriors

2009-10-15 23:06:44 by auronwolfman

Some people will recognize what I am talking about right away, but some won't. Nega Aura Warriors are decending from the dimmension the Posi Aura Warriors trapped them in 1000s of years ago. We need to prepare so I will list some advanced aura techniques for the use of a new generation of aura warriors.

Aura Regeneration : Gather aura around the hand and apply a sensitive touch to the injured area.

Aura Storm : Create a wall of aura and break it apart into needles and cause them to move i the direction of choice with great velocity.

Aura Raze : Create a ball of aura and compress it until energy jolts around the throw for a powerful explosion.

Aura Barrier : Create a barrier of aura around you and any others.

Aura Burst : Gather aura in your fist until energy starts to jolt then punch your target.

Aura Formation : Think of a form that your aura takes. Can be used to make armor and weapons of aura.

Please people feel free to list your own techniques.

We need to be preparred.


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2009-10-16 16:38:42

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