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Truth found

2009-12-08 23:39:02 by auronwolfman

i have found out something about my powers. My power chaged and it is not aura anymore it is strange and otherworldly. I studied and found it to be that of a hollow, but even more that of an Arrancar. I now have noticed a mark forming on my left shoulder in the shape of a 0. I wonder what this means and just a while ago a black sword appeared with the japanese symbols for "arm of darkness" on black ribbon in white writing. I found this to be a Zanpakto yet my form i not as powerful as an Arrancar and I have not become an Adjucha. Now I have begun eating other hollows. Lately, my mind has been going in and out so I believe it is a short time before I turn into an Adjucha because right now I am in the Gillian state. I am confused and have come to the term "Living Hollow" which is what I am. Any one in my way should go.

Day 5 after post:
I have been eating hollows for some time now and more hollows have been appearing. Soul Reapers are observing me even now so I cant write much. Anyone who is a living hollow should strive to eat hollows amd become arrancar. I am currently in the Adjucha

Element Fusion

2009-10-20 22:32:22 by auronwolfman

This an aura technique that requires one to fuse two aura elements. Elements are usually allined with dark or light, but a select few can fuse light and dark to form either Chaos aura or rainbow aur.

Chaos aura: a black and white aura that gives you infinate power and all the abilities of light and dark

Rainbow Aura: A rainbow colored aura that has the power of earth, fire, water, ice, wind, and electricity.

Electric Aura: A yellow aura that is quick and strongly precise in aiming.

Some people will recognize what I am talking about right away, but some won't. Nega Aura Warriors are decending from the dimmension the Posi Aura Warriors trapped them in 1000s of years ago. We need to prepare so I will list some advanced aura techniques for the use of a new generation of aura warriors.

Aura Regeneration : Gather aura around the hand and apply a sensitive touch to the injured area.

Aura Storm : Create a wall of aura and break it apart into needles and cause them to move i the direction of choice with great velocity.

Aura Raze : Create a ball of aura and compress it until energy jolts around the throw for a powerful explosion.

Aura Barrier : Create a barrier of aura around you and any others.

Aura Burst : Gather aura in your fist until energy starts to jolt then punch your target.

Aura Formation : Think of a form that your aura takes. Can be used to make armor and weapons of aura.

Please people feel free to list your own techniques.

We need to be preparred.

Combating with Aura

2009-08-28 00:43:44 by auronwolfman

To use aura in combat you must follow these steps.

1. Learn to control the aura of your own body

2. Learn to control others aura

3. Learn what your aura element is

Dark : A pure offence styled element

Light : A element devoted to defence

Fire : A element that uses offence and speed

Ice: A speedy element that is quick striking

Earth: A element that uses defence and raw power

Wind: A fast and defensive element

4. Develop your own tecnique

Shocking discovery

2009-08-14 23:31:14 by auronwolfman

Turns out I have CPD (Compulsive Panicing Disorder)
I have fleas and hair as long as cousin it
And I may be a tad insane

Good night folks